Window Tinting & Film (F.A.Q.)

1. Why should I put window film on my windows? There are many helpful reasons, all enhancing your home and quality of life: Rejecting heat will lower your energy bills. UV protection guards against fading. Glare control greatly lessens strain on the eyes. Cost savings versus new windows is dramatic. Efficiency is much more effective than blinds. Security and safety are greatly improved. The list goes on and on!

2. Will my energy costs decrease? Absolutely! Your monthly energy bills will be less since your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. And in the dead of winter, your window films will retain heat by up to 30%, letting your furnace run more efficiently, again saving you money. (Your savings depends upon the type of film you select.)

3. Will the tint keep the heat out? Yes. Heat rejection is a key benefit LLumar window film offers, rejecting from 46% to 86% of the sun’s heat, depending on the type of film you choose.

4. Will solar film help to reduce fading? Again, yes! LLumar window films eliminate 99.9% of UV rays, reducing solar heat and visible light– also substantial factors in fading. We can also help protect your furniture, wood, tile, linoleum floors, carpets, drapery – any furnishings — from fading.

5. Will this film make the room dark? This is up to you. LLumar window films range from virtually invisible to very dark and reflective. If reducing light is an objective, proper selection of solar films can make a room appear darker. Our virtually-invisible films will not noticeably reduce the amount of visible light transmittance into your home. The darker shades, however, can and will reduce visible light transmittance. We’ll work with you to help select the right window films to satisfy your lighting preferences.

6. Do you have a film that will not alter the appearance of my windows? Our Spectrally Selective line of LLumar window films offer fantastic heat, ultraviolet and glare rejection and are virtually undetectable once applied to your windows. In addition, there are various neutral-gray tones that are also nearly invisible.

7. My house is so bright that it’s difficult to watch TV or see the computer screen. Installing LLumar window film will greatly reduce the glare from your windows. You’ll have less eye strain and be able to see easier, making it much more comfortable for your eyes.

8. Does it really make glass safer? Yes. The combination of heavy-duty polyester and bonded adhesives used to construct our films result in glass even safer than before. An object such as a brick can be thrown against a window, and if thrown hard enough, could penetrate the window. But, the rest of the glass will be held in place by the film. Without window film, large shards of glass could fly in any direction, also leaving a very large hole in your window.

9. I have blinds. Do I still need solar film? While blinds are effective at reducing the amount of light into the room, they are very poor at reducing the heat gain (even insulated blinds do not compare). Heat builds up in the large gap between the glass and the blinds. The heat, which can be considerably greater than outside air from being concentrated in such a small space, radiates through the blinds.

10. Can window film be used on Low E windows? Yes, they can. LLumar window film actually enhances your Low E windows while rejecting 99.9% of UV rays, well above the UV rejection offered by even the most efficient Low E windows.
There are two basic types of Low E glazing systems. One is a conductive coating applied when the glass is manufactured. Conductive coating provides some heat loss reduction, but does little to reduce heat gain into a building. The second type is a more complex system of multiple layers of metals and conductive coatings, deposited on glass after the glass is manufactured. This type of Low E glass also provides some heat reduction, but nowhere near the level LLumar window films achieve.
By adding LLumar window film to your Low E windows, you can better control solar heat gain and glare, prevent heat loss, reduce fading, and enhance the safety of your windows.

11. I have thermal pane glass. Should I tint my windows? Yes. Why? Thermal glass is engineered to provide cold-weather savings. However, it’s not an efficient insulator against the heat compared to solar film.

12. What happens to the film in the winter? Llumar window film works year ‘round. Sunlight in the dead of winter will help heat your home by retaining warm air. In the summer, Llumar window film keeps heat from entering your home.

13. Will there be bubbles in my film? LLumar window film is guaranteed to never bubble or it will be replaced at no cost to you. The patented CDF adhesive chemically bonds with glass and forms to the window forever. Other pressure-sensitive adhesives that are soft, thick and unstable also tend to settle and shift, causing optical distortion. Follow the care guidelines for your LLumar film, and it will look the same in 20 years as it does the day it’s installed.

14. At night, can window film allow me to see outside without allowing someone to look inside? During the daytime, yes, without a doubt. At night, the answer is typically, no. If the interior of the building is brighter than the exterior, people will still have visibility inside. However, if the right lighting balance can be achieved, one-way film is available for added nighttime security.

15. There is a small gap of light around my window pane. Is that normal? Yes, a gap of 1/16” – 1/32” is standard in the industry. The gap is virtually unnoticeable unless you’re simply looking for one.

16. How long does it take for window film to dry? Typically, the film is completely dry within 20-30 days. Drying time varies between films, solar exposure and seasonal changes.

17. How do I clean my windows after the film is applied? Windows with LLumar window film can be safely cleaned without risk of damage. We recommend a soft, clean cloth, soft paper towel, and even squeegees. Any household glass cleaning solution is safe, as long as it does not contain abrasive materials such as Scotch-Brite or steel wool.

LLumars’ patented scratch-resistant coating significantly reduces the risk of washing your windows. The films are so clear, their application can be soon forgotten. Just remember to use caution around your new windows when using razor blades or sharp tools.

Choose the advanced solution, with custom window films from Advanced Solutions Window Tinting. Call us today at 316-806-8934 or fill out our online estimate request form, and make your light work for your life.