How Thick Should Security Window Film Be?

How Thick Should Security Window Film Be?

The thickness of security window film can vary depending on the level of protection required and the specific security needs of the application. Security window film is typically measured in mils (thousandths of an inch), with common thickness options including 4 mil, 8 mil, 12 mil, and thicker variations.

Here’s a general guideline for selecting the appropriate thickness of security window film based on security needs…

  1. Basic Protection (Low Security Needs) – For basic protection against shattering and forced entry, a 4 mil security window film may be sufficient. This thickness can help hold broken glass together upon impact, making it more difficult for intruders to gain access through windows. It’s suitable for residential applications or areas with low to moderate security needs.
  2. Enhanced Protection (Moderate Security Needs) – For increased strength and durability, an 8 mil security window film is recommended. This thickness offers enhanced protection against forced entry, impacts, and severe weather events. It’s suitable for commercial buildings, storefronts, and areas prone to vandalism or break-ins.
  3. Maximum Protection (High Security Needs) – For the highest level of protection, security window film with a thickness of 12 mil or greater is recommended. Thicker films provide maximum strength and resilience against forced entry, ballistic threats, and extreme weather conditions. They’re ideal for critical infrastructure, government facilities, and other high-security applications.

When selecting the thickness of security window film, it’s essential to consider factors such as the type of glass, window size, and specific security requirements of the application. Thicker films generally offer increased protection but may also require professional installation and specialized framing systems to accommodate their weight and thickness.

In addition to thickness, other factors to consider when choosing security window film include impact resistance, tear resistance, and adhesive strength. Consulting with a security professional or certified installer can help assess your security needs and select the most appropriate thickness and specifications for your specific application.