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Wichita Solar Control (Solar Film Window Tinting)

Those beautiful windows can also be responsible for up to 50% of your utility bills from heat loss and heat gain,* not to mention adding undue stress to your air conditioner.

Protect your furnishings, reduce your air conditioning bill and keep your family happy and comfortable. Advanced Solutions window films reduce solar heat up to 84% while eliminating unpleasant hot and cold spots. With 99.9% of harmful UV rays blocked, drapery, carpets and floors are protected from damage and fading.

Remove eye-straining glare and provide a scratch-resistant coating to reveal those beautiful views. Call Advanced Solutions Window Tinting today at 316-806-8934.

The Benefits of Solar Control Tinting in Your Home

  • Save up to 40% on Energy Costs
  • Stop the Effects of Harmful UV Rays
  • Don’t Sacrifice Your View

*EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual

Choose the advanced solution, with custom window films from Advanced Solutions Window Tinting. Call us today at 316-806-8934 or fill out our online estimate request form, and make your light work for your life.