Why Can’t You Put Window Film On Double Glazed Windows?

Why Can’t You Put Window Film On Double Glazed Windows?

You can put window film on double-glazed windows but with caution and consideration of specific factors. The concern around applying window film to double-glazed (also known as dual-pane or insulated glass) windows primarily revolves around the potential risk of thermal stress and damage to the windows.

Here’s a detailed explanation…

Thermal Stress

  • Cause – Double-glazed windows are designed to insulate by trapping air or gas between two panes of glass. Applying window film can alter the way these windows absorb and reflect solar energy. Certain types of film, especially those with high solar absorption rates, can increase the temperature of the glass pane to which they’re applied, creating a temperature differential between the inner and outer panes.
  • Effect – This temperature differential can lead to thermal stress, potentially causing the glass to crack or break. The seal holding the panes together might also fail, leading to condensation between the panes.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Voided Warranty – Many manufacturers of double-glazed windows specify that applying window film may void the warranty. This is because the added film can change the thermal characteristics for which the window was originally engineered and tested.

Solutions and Considerations

  • Film Type – If you decide to apply window film to double-glazed windows, choosing the right type of film is crucial. Low-absorption films that reflect rather than absorb solar energy are generally safer. Manufacturers often specify films suitable for use on double glazed windows.
  • Professional Consultation – Before applying film, consult with a window film professional and possibly the window manufacturer. A professional can recommend films designed to minimize the risk of thermal stress.
  • Risk Assessment – In some cases, the benefits of applying window film, such as UV protection, reduced glare, and enhanced privacy, may outweigh the potential risks. Each situation should be assessed individually, considering factors like window orientation, climate, and the specific construction of the double-glazed units.


While there are concerns about applying window film to double-glazed windows due to the risk of thermal stress and potential damage, it can be done safely with careful selection of the appropriate film and, ideally, guidance from professionals. Always consult with window film manufacturers and installers who have experience with double-glazed units to ensure compatibility and prevent damage to your windows.